Simple, Fast & Easy

Anyone can be the Treasurer!

Our goal is to make the Treasurer position the easiest job in your organization. Most people will not volunteer for this position - and for good reason. It's an important position that brings with it financial responsibilities that few people are willing to accept. Why install complicated accounting software on your personal computer or try to use a pencil and paper when you can use a solution that is accessible from any browser?

  • Do you really want the responsibility of maintaining the organization's important records on your own computer?
  • Do you have a backup strategy?
  • Can you insure that the data is secure?

One-click Reports!

Preparing for your monthly meetings is as simple as accessing our 1-click reports! We've designed all of our reports to be easy to understand while providing all of the information needed to make sure your organization is complying with non-profit best practices.

Complete Solution

When you partner with Treasurer's Briefcase, you're not just getting access to the easiest accounting software for non-profits on the web, you're getting the knowledge and backing of a CPA firm that has been servicing organizations like yours for over a decade. We can answer questions about the basics, help you set up your organization's financial system and help you manage year end filing requirements at the state and federal level.

How Treasurer’s briefcase Works

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Enter checks, deposits and other transactions. You can split checks and deposits into multiple categories. Print checks and use our approval workflow to allow your board to authorize payment.
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Store all your important document securely in the cloud. Upload or email your documents to your own private storage locker in the cloud!
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All the reports you need to keep your board and stakeholders informed about the financial state of your organization. You can produce all of the reports in either PDF or Excel format.
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Manage all your members, contacts and vendors using our convenient and easy to use contact management feature.
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Trudy's BudgetMaker is the easiest way to create your yearly budget. You last year's data as a starting point and then create your budget variance reports to show how you are tracking toward your goals.
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Our plans are designed for clubs of all sizes. Try Treasurer's Briefcase for free to start and upgrade as needed.
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