Create Transparency

In order to create transparency around your club's finances, multiple users in your organizatoin should have login access to Treasurer's Briefcase. We typically recommend that a minimum of 2 people have login access and have administrator privileges. Not all of your users however are going to need to add transactions or manipulate your financial data. Some users may only need access to reports for example.

Treasurer's Briefcase allows you to assign users one of several different roles:

  • Administrator Role
  • Banking Role
  • Reports Role

Administrator Role

An administrator can add new users, assign roles, and revoke logins as well as do all of things a banking user can do. You should have at least two users with adminstrator rights. This ensures transparency and access in the event of problems with one of the adminstrators.

Banking Role

The banking role allows a user to enter and edit transactions, run reports and access the files stored in the briefcase. You should give banking privileges to those who may assist in the maintenance of financial data. During a transition from one treasurer to the next, you might consider giving the old treasurer a banking role until the new treasurer is up to speed.

Reports Role

For users who only need to run reports, assign the reports role. Board members and other oversight committee members would be candidates for this role. By giving your board access to the system you create transparency and accountability. Your board will be able to see the fantastic job you are doing keeping the finances current and organized!