Audit Required YES If gross contributions are $125,000 or more
Due Date Within 4.5 months of Fiscal Year end.
Fee 15.00 If $25,000 or less; $100 if $25,001-$100,000; $150 if $100,001-$500,000; $250 if $500,001 and over.
Financial Report YES Must be reviewed by CPA if contributions $50,000-$125,000.
Important Note
Annual IRS 990 YES
Initial Audit YES If gross contributions exceed $300,000 (CPA review $100,000 to $300,000).
Initial Bylaws YES
Initial Certificate or Articles Of Incorporation YES
Make Checks Payable To Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
E-Mail Contact
Exemption from annual registration upon request NO
Fees 15.00 If $25,000 or less; $100 if $25,001-$100,000; $150 if $100,001-$500,000; $250 if $500,001 and over.
Fundraiser Contracts NO Certificate/Articles of Incorporation: Yes.
Governing Law
Important Note
Contact Tracy McCurdy, Dir. (717) 783-1720
IRS Determiniation Letter YES
IRS Form 990 YES
Mailing Address Dept. of State, Bureau of Charitable Orgs., 207 North Office Building, Harrisburg, PA 17120-0103.
Signature Required NO
Period Covered One year.
Renewal Due Date
Required Signatures Two authorized officers.
Resident Registered Agent Required NO