Audit Required NO
Due Date
Financial Report NO
Important Note
Annual IRS 990 NO
Initial Audit NO
Initial Bylaws NO
Initial Certificate or Articles Of Incorporation NO
Make Checks Payable To Secretary of State
E-Mail Contact
Exemption from annual registration upon request NO
Fees 15.00
Fundraiser Contracts YES
Governing Law
Important Note
Contact ; Darlene Adams. (405) 521-3049
IRS Determiniation Letter NO
IRS Form 990 YES
Mailing Address Office of the Secretary of State, 2300 N. Lincoln, #101, Oklahoma City, OK 73105-4897
Signature Required NO
Period Covered One year.
Renewal Due Date
Required Signatures One. An authorized officer.
Resident Registered Agent Required NO
Homepage www.sos.state.ok.us/forms/FORMS.HTM#Charity